RMA Services

RMA Conditions
NavigateWorx warrants our Routers to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years from the date of delivery, and for more information, please kindly contact our Sales Representative directly. RMA Conditions do not include following damages like water immersion, lightening, salt erosion etc. These man-caused damages would be considered as “Out Of Warranty”.
Returning Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Process
1. If you’re encountering the issues and not sure the reasons for the failure, please do contact with our Technical Support Team for initial troubleshooting, feel free to drop an email to our TST (support@navigateworx.com), they’re able to check and address the issues by repeated verification, then come out with the conclusion whether we can fix the issue by remote firmware upgrade.
2. If the failure could be fixed via remote firmware upgrade, then we would fix it. If not, then we would request to ship them back for repairing if the Routers are still within the Warranty Period. Under such circumstance, you would be requested to fill in following RMA Form and send it back to our Technical Support Team, then we would address the RMA Number for further chasing.
3. Turnaround Period
Global Distributors / Partners & System Integrators would be requested to bear one way freight charge when returning the RMA units back and NavigateWorx will bear the other one way freight charge.
4. RMA Form Download Link    Download