Gas Pipeline Remote Monitoring
  • Date:2019-01-24 14:55


With the development of people’s living condition. Natural Gas had replaced Coal Gas step by step globally. Then the Gas Company need to consider how to deliver those clean and pure Natural Gas into every family. Of course, challenges on the whole infrastructure and avoid pipelines to be stolen would be the most difficult headache.


Project Technical Highlights

- Collect and transfer the data from pipeline flow controllers to SCADA center via 4G LTE network.

- Various routers interfaces like RS232, Ethernet RJ45 makes sure that different kinds of
  pipeline controller could be connected to the SCADA network.

- Rugged industrial design to work under hot and humid environment.

- 4G LTE network in order to avoid delay on the data transmission.

- IPSec tunnel makes sure all the data transferred are secure and cryptographic



NavigateWorx NR500-S4G with 1 RS232 and 1 RS485 and 2 Ethernet Ports are connected to different kinds of pipeline controllers and transfer the data to the SCADA center via 4G LTE network. All the data are encrypted and definitely avoid the vicious hack attack. This remote monitoring system reduce lots of man forces to be in the field and collect the data, that’s a great innovation in this pipeline applications.