Wind Turbine Generator Monitoring
  • Date:2019-01-24 14:58


Wind Turbine Generator monitoring is becoming more and more popular. Especially when you drive a car from Germany to Spain, you would found out that they’re lots of Wind Turbine on the small mountain and especially, most of the Wind Turbine are designed and manufactured by Spain. For safety and environmental consideration, most of the Wind Turbines are deployed in wide and remote area that less interruption to the Wind Turbines makes they work effectively and continually, so a remote monitoring solution is critically necessary.


Project Technical Highlights

- Multiple interfaces like RS232, RS485, Ethernet Ports make sure that all the components
  and controllers could be connected into the same SCADA System.

- 4G LTE network make sure all the data transmission can maximum avoid extra delay.

- Built-in SMS Alert would warn engineers when there’s something happening like DIDO trigger etc

- High EMC Level requirement in harsh environment like temperature could warm up to 60 degree when the system is in operation.



NavigateWorx NR500-P4G provides abundant interfaces for connecting the untrasonic wind sensors, hub controller, high voltage transformer. All the system controllers are connected to a PLC and controlled by the SCADA Software in the remote Monitoring Center via secure tunnel. So the PLC can be visited and programmed remotely and this saves a lot on the labor cost. NR500-P4G provides customers a secure and trustable network for the Wind Turbine Monitoring System.