Weather Station Remote Monitoring
  • Date:2019-01-24 15:10


With the development of the human civilization, more and more environment had been polluted and it had become critically necessary to forecast the upcoming rainfall and take all the necessary prevention actions. A meteorological observation controller consist of PSU (Power Supply Unit), of course Solar Battery System in remote area, different kinds of sensors, controllers and other meteorological equipment. Then the next idea would be how to get all these things connected and collect the data from remote area to the monitoring center.
Projects Technical Highlights

- The router should have abundant interfaces in order to connect different kinds of equipment like controller, sensor etc.
- The router should be trustable and reliable that be able to work under harsh environment like high / low temperature,
  surrounded by fog, high humidity etc.
- Wide input power supply within the range of Solar Energy Power Supply
- Mature secure tunnel for data transmission.

NavigateWorx NR500-P4G with Wi-Fi is selected for this project and its great performance under harsh environment bring the satisfaction on both us. Its’s abundant interfaces like 1 RS232 + 1 RS485 + 2 DI + 2 DO + WiFi provide different connection for all the equipment inside the system. Wide power input range allow our router to be installed in different kinds of environment and Din Railway Kit Installation makes it much more easier for the installation.