Reservoir Level Remote Monitoring
  • Date:2019-01-24 15:11


Besides the monitoring of the Weather Station in order to forecast the level the rainfall, you would also need to do a remote monitoring of the reservoir water level if you want to avoid the flood disaster destroy your farmland and living conditions. So governments are taking care of this responsibilities and had deployed lots of reservoir level monitoring systems in the remote area.


Projects Technical Highlights

- Encryption Tunnel is required and the router should be encryption implemented and mature for this kind of application.

- The router should be able to receive a poor cellular signal since the cellular coverage is normally very poor in the reservoir area.
  Especially Dual SIM is preferable.

- The router should be able to bear a strong humidity, high / low working temperature range and especially,
  need to provide a continually cellular connection for the system.


NR500-S3G was selected for this application and its completely industrial advantage had become more and more sunshine in the applications. All the digital water level indicators are connected to NR500-S3G via RS485 and all the data goes back to monitoring center via cellular technologies. Furthermore, an IP Camera was connected to the router and from remote monitoring center, you can observe the change of the water level anytime. The whole system was power up by Solar System and its wide range of power input makes it easier for the deployment and the SI is happy with its performance and getting our router standardize for all their systems.