Forrest Fire Alarm System
  • Date:2018-12-19 16:16


Especially here in China, People would visit a grave during Tomb-Sweeping Day, and it’s very easy to cause Forrest Fire, especially in some rural areas that people do not have a strong concept of forest fire prevention. So Government would love to deploy the Forrest Fire Alarm System in the mountain in order to avoid unexpected Forrest Fire. So of course all the sensors and controllers in the field need to have a internet connection in order to transfer the data from remote mountain back to the monitoring center. So here comes the stories.
Projects Technical Highlight

- The router should have Dual SIM design because in some rural areas, the signal coverage is poor
  and need to use two operators’ SIM Card in order to keep the router always online
- The router should have abundant interfaces like RS232, RS485, Ethernet Ports in order to get all the smoke sensors well connected
  and send back the data periodically as per default setting.
- The routers should keep online in order to provide real information of the application spots and avoid the Forrest Fire
- The router should be able to work under harsh environment like low and high temperature, strong humidity, fog etc.

NavigateWorx NR500-P4G was picked up for this application and thanks to its industrial design, our router passed all the pilot test in the real Forrest that could be -10 in the night time and 50 in the day time, also very strong fog in the morning before the sun rises up. With Dual SIM design and multiple link management strategy, the router is always online and we’re happy about its performance. Would try our best to promote this solution to more and more Government and wish to contribute ourselves in order to make it 0 Forrest Fire in the future. That’s NavigateWorx.