Industrial Automation

CNC Machines Remote Monitoring
  • Date:2019-01-24 15:19


With the involvement of CNC Machines, Production Line become efficient and automatic. It had token lots of people’s working tasks and work continually without stop. It’s truly a 24 / 7 Guardian. While normally CNC Machines are quite expensive and if any part of it be damaged, then you’re going to lost a lot for the production process. So making the CNC Machines in a good condition and keep working continually had become critically important.
Projects Technical Highlights

- The router should be 4G LTE and provide a Dual SIM backup for the remote connection.
- The router should be able to bear different kinds of challenge like high temperature, shacking etc environment.
- The router has the capabilities to recover from failure and disconnection and provide 24 / 7 services.
- The router should be Industrial design with compact housing that be able to conquer any out coming pressure.

NavigateWorx NR500-S4G is suitable for this kind of application thanks to its very high EMC Level design and also Dual SIM Backup design makes it be able to work continually 24 / 7. It’s connected to all the CNC Machines globally and provide the safe and secure Tunnel for data transmission. It collects the data and storage them and then send back to Monitoring Center periodically as per setting. Its strong capabilities to recover soon like VRRP for link redundancy, making it safely for the communication between the monitoring center and the CNC Machines.