ATM Backup Services
  • Date:2018-12-19 14:12


With the development of our living conditions, ATM is widely deployed in different kinds of location like CBD, Shopping Mall, Metro Station etc, this providing us lots of daily convenience. While problem is that sometimes it is quite hard to deploy the ATM Machines in the remote area and even in some crowed area, you need to make sure that the ATM machines would work 24 / 7 without any dropdown and any data package lost. So besides a fixed line is necessary, more and more Banks are considering to use Dual SIM Cellular Technologies to backup the whole system.


Project Technical Highlights

- Easy to be installed and operated without a fixed fiber or DSL wireline.

- 4G LTE technologies makes sure that the ATM Machines would back on line immediately when the fixed line is down.

- To be independent from Bank’s firewall system.

- Dual SIM makes sure that the Router would register to another network when the first dial-up drops.



NR500-S4G is proud to be selected for this project and she provides a trustable and reliable 4G LTE connectives for all those 300 PCS ATMs. Especially we integrate the Operator’s SIM cards inside our routers as a total solution and this makes the Banking Companies stay aways from the headache of roaming services. Furthermore, with our advanced firewall configuration, we provides the routers away from hack attack and let the routers share the same connection and acts as a single DHCP server. Our high EMC level design makes sure our routers work normally and always-on reliability for ATM networks. What’s more, encrypted GRE Tunnel is used in this project and make sure the security of the entire ATM network. In one word, we’re proud to be selected for this application.