Vending Machines / Kiosk
  • Date:2018-12-19 14:10


With the development of IIoT / M2M, more and more things are connected to the network in order to provide people’s living convenience. Like there’re lots of Vending Machines and Kiosk in the metro station, airport and railway station. Vending machines companies or third-party Services Providers need to remote monitor the status of the things inside the Vending Machines, like the Newspaper, Beverages, Snacks etc. So hereby comes the era for Vending Machines Revolution.


Project Technical Highlights

- Real-time inventory status report and refill alerts.

- DI / DO triggered by weights of things inside the Vending Machines

- Remote access to the Vending Machines for configuration and advertisement renew

- Provide Internet Services in order to allow customers to pay via Credit / WeChat / Apple Pay etc.

- Providing QR Code Scanning etc.



NR500-S3G was selected for this kind of application and it provide a secure and trustable 3G HSPA+ connection cellular connection. Reliable connection allows Engineers to remote access to the machines inside the Vending Machines for remote configuration and Video upgrade and advertisement upgrade. Default DI / DO would get connect to the controllers inside the Vending Machines and send out alerts when the machines need to be refilled or reload. This Solution makes the Vending Machines comes to real in our daily life and providing us lots of convenience for purchasing.