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Waste Water Treatment
  • Date:2019-01-24 15:04


More and more rivers and sea are polluted by lots of Waste Water let out from our daily waste or factory pollution. So get these waste water well organized and treated had become critically serious in human beings history. They are lots of famous waste water treatment companies like ABB and Viola are one of them. They key to success is to maintain the complexities of these waste water pumping automated system and especially remote monitoring, because most of the waste water treatment systems are built up in remote areas. The waste water controller manufacturer came to NavigateWorx for requesting the most suitable solution. And after getting clear about their application and technical requirement, then NavigateWorx Expert Team was organized immediately in order to provide that waste water controller manufacturer a complete Cellular Communication Solution.
Project Technical Highlights

- The router should be real industrial grade provide in order to work under extremely harsh environment.
- Should be able to provide a secure and reliable communication between the remote PLC and the SCADA center.
- Allow engineers to remote access to the PLC for different kinds of programming and also allow him to collect
  the sensor data through our cellular router.
- Need to use secure tunnel by encrypted the data via AES-128 Bit. The solution must be well performing after installation
  in order to save as more Labor forces as possible.

After getting 100% clear about the application by our Engineers, we came out with the solution rapidly and finally our NR500-S3G was proud to be selected for this application. Multiple sensors are connected to our RS485 via the Controllers and send out the datas to the SCADA center. Besides, the PLC was connected to our Ethernet Ports and all data goes out to the SCADA center by our 3G HSPA+ network. Tens of units are deployed in the field and after months of test, they’re approved to be trustable and reliable and now the controller manufacturer is negotiating with us for a Frame Contract in order to standardize our Solution for their whole productline and solutions. We’re looking forward to establishing a Global Partnership Contract with them and with to contribute as more as possible for the Waste Water Treatment System and bring the benefits to the human beings.