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Waste Water Remote Monitoring
  • Date:2018-12-19 14:34


More and more rivers and sea are polluted by lots of Waste Water let out from our daily waste or factory pollution. So get these waste water well organized and treated had become critically serious in human beings history. They are lots of famous waste water treatment companies like ABB and Viola are one of them. They key to success is to maintain the complexities of these waste water pumping automated system and especially remote monitoring, because most of the waste water treatment systems are built up in remote areas. The waste water controller manufacturer base on the perfect performance of our router on the Waste Water Treatment Projects, they wish to continue our partnership on the Waste Water Remote Monitoring Projects as well. We’re glad to help and continue our partnership on the Waste Water Monitoring Projects.
Project Technical Highlights

- The routers need to provide a secure and reliable wireless network in order to monitor the pumping status and the operations of the machines, also establish the network for the pumping and waste water controllers.
- The routers need to send out immediately the alerts when the pumping system is down or any failures occurs, then the engineers can remote access to the controllers for remote configuration or troubleshooting.
- The routers should be able to transfer the pictures / videos from remote IP Cameras to the monitoring center via cellular network.

We’re glad to expand our partnership with the controller manufacturer from Waste Water Treatment to Waste Water Treatment Monitoring System. All our routers are selected based on a tens of units test in the field and we had established a solid and reliable partnership. All our routers had approved to be trustable and rugged enough to work under such harsh environment and we wish to establish our Global Partnership Contract in the near future and get our routers integrated into the their whole system for a long-term partnership. We wish to contribute more and bring the benefit for the human beings.