Smart City

Smart Lighting Control
  • Date:2018-12-19 20:14


Comparing with old street lighting system, it’s as simple as ABC and it’s quite costly if you count on the details. So now more and more smart street lighting system are built up on the roads. Of course, this is also a great witness of the innovation of the human beings. Based on the current trend of the smart lighting system, a trustable and reliable industrial router is demanded in order to get these smart lighting system well organized and controlled. The Municipal Engineering Company approached to us and described their requirement on the system, so after a tough and detailed project analyze, we finally conquer different kinds of technical difficulties and provide a satisfactory solution for our Partner.
Project Technical Highlights

- A trustable and reliable 3G / 4G network is needed.
- The router need to be very high EMC level because it need to conquer the difficulties of the harsh environment
  like could be 50 in the day time and -15 in the nighttime.
- The router should be Dual SIM and allow to use two Operators’ services.
- The router should be with W-Fi and make sure that all the Controllers could be connected to the router
  and transfer the data back to the Monitoring Center.
- The Routers should be able to provide high speed data transmission because in every 500 meters, there would be an IP Cameras
  and all the pictures and video would be transferred back to monitoring center via the cellular network.

NavigateWorx NR500-P4G with WiFi is the right model for this application and all the smart street lighting controllers are connected to the routers and could be triggered via DI / DO from the routers. These routers with industrial performance under such harsh environment are approved to be trustable and reliable. Now we had deployed the first phase of this project and we’re planning to extend the project into second phase.