Smart City

Video Surveillance
  • Date:2018-12-20 11:36


Nowadays criminal had spread in some countries and in order to clarify and reproduce the situation, IP Cameras had been a strong weapon in this targets. So hereby comes the questions: How to deploy and capture the pictures and videos form remote areas? Because in some remote areas, there’re always some blind points and it’s pretty challenge to deploy a IP Cameras by a fixed line. So more and more Solution Integrators try to use the cellular technologies in this kind of applications and the results show that they had made the right decision and now lots of IP Cameras and Router are in operation of the system.
Project Technical Highlights

- The router must provide a stable connection between the IP Cameras and the Monitoring Center
- 4G LTE is preferable for the CCTV Applications since it need to transfer the pictures and videos back to monitoring center without delay.
- The Router must have a strong capability to conquer the harsh working environment and work perfectly as expected.
- Din Railway Mounting Installation

NavigateWorx NR500-S4G is perfect for the application and after months’ field test. Its high performance had approved to comply with the application’s requirement, especially the router is working pretty normally even though the data transmission is quite high for video transmission. Customer said it’s a real industrial grade products comparing with some commercial grade productline and they firmly believe it deserves the cost comparing with commercial grade products. We had signed a 3 Years Frame contract and aiming to upgrade their CCTV System within these 3 years.