Intelligent Traffic System
  • Date:2019-01-24 15:16


Traffic System had become more and more intelligent and lots of advanced technologies are used in order to dropdown the cost of the police man power and also reach up to a higher level of system control. These advanced technologies reduce the percentage of the accidents and get all the cars and trucks etc well organized on the road. Of course Intelligent Traffic System is one small session of the IoT and for sure they need a cellular connection for all the sensors and controllers instead of installing lots of cables and fixed lines.


Projects Technical Highlights

- The routers should be always online and could be wake up by SMS or Email, in order to transfer the data
  from local memory to the monitoring center periodically.

- Data Encryption Tunnel is critically important for the application and multiple like IPSec, GRE are preferable in the applications.

- Must be able to provide a reliable and trustable secure Tunnel for the data transmission without lost of damage.

- The router must be able to work under harsh environment, especially under high / low temperature
  and strong shaking environment when the wind is strong in some open area.



NR500-P4G is selected for this application and upon tens of units in the field for testing during the past months, customer is happy with its performance and hundreds of ordering is in the process of production. Cellular router provides a very convenient an easy way for the installation and especially when you compare the system to the wireline, you would easily found out that wireline system is facing lots of headache of stealing and especially it cost quite a lot for the maintenance after stealing. Also, it’s not easy to replace the Fiber optic cables in case of broken or any stealing, you would need to change the entire fiber optic cables and that’s costly on both man forces and sources purchase. In this project, the IP Cameras are connecting to a PLC and all the data goes back to monitoring center via 4G LTE network. High speed of network capacity allows the pictures and videos transferred back to monitoring center without any damage or lost, the system saves lots of polices forces and believe all the Policeman love it very much.