Metro Advertisement System
  • Date:2019-01-24 15:16


More and more, especially young people are gathering in the advanced cities in order to fight for a better life and realize the self-value. So moving these people from one corner to another corner everyday makes the transportation suffering a great pressure and of course, the most efficient way to solve this issue is to building up the metro system and let this transportation become more efficient and  environmental green. With these people taking the metro everyday, the Advertisement Service Provider foresees the great potential commercial value and start to think hot to use the metro to put more and more advertisement and get well paid by different kinds of Brands and Products, like beverage, perfume etc. So putting a fixed line onboard for uploading / renew the advertisement video / pictures are not applicable and then they try to get approach to the cellular technologies.
Project Technical Highlight

- The router should be high EMC level design and possess the Certification of EN50155.
- The router should be Din Railway Kit Installation Way in order to make it easier for the installation.
- The router should be 4G LTE in order to transfer the video from monitoring center to remote metro without any data lost or damage
- The router should be data encryption implemented and be mature for this technologies in order to create and establish a secure network
  for this metro application.
- Should be wide power input range and preferable to be 24VDC and be able to work under high temperature, shacking
  and vibration environment.
- The router should be with Wi-Fi that can either provide WiFi connection for other equipment on board and work as WiFi AP.

NavigateWorx NR500-S4G is proud to be selected for this kind of application and we have strong confidence about the performance of our router. The router connect to the media equipment onboard and transfer the data from monitoring center as per request. At the same time, the router share the WiFi to other equipment onboard and make sure the other equipment can get online and be well network organized. We’re discussing about integrating our router onboard with a stronger WiFi capabilities and develop a Mobile Phone Portal that request the passengers to register online before using the WiFi Free sharing as the second phase of the project.