Fleet Management
  • Date:2019-01-24 15:14


With the development of the logistics, more and more people shopping online and the package need to be delivered to the recipient ASAP. So lots of vehicles are running on the road every minutes without stop and the logistic company need to consider how to improve the efficiency of the logistics process and save more resources as possible. Another case is like Bus Fleet Management. Busses are in operation nearly 18 hours per day in some big cities and during the busy transportation system, Busses Services Provider wants to improve the efficiency of the Busses Operation, especially the Payment System. It had become more and more popular with the development of the electronic payment way like WeChat etc. So they need to get all the equipment onboard well connected to the cellular network, especially the payment system.


Projects Technical Highlight

- The router should be data encryption implemented and allow the engineers to establish different network like IPSec, GRE etc.

- The router should be able to bear a harsh working environment like sharing, vibration, high temperature etc

- The router should be EN50155 certified and approved to work reliably and stably.

- 4G LTE connection is required in order to provide an high efficient check for the payment system.

- The router should have WiFi connection that could work as a WiFi AP in order to share the wireless connection
  for the other equipment onboard.



NavigateWorx NR500-S4G is selected for this kind of application and it not only providing a cellular connection between the busses and the monitoring centers, but also providing a WiFi connection onboard for other equipment. A trustable and reliable secure Tunnel is created for the data transmission in order to avoid any external hack attack and secure the payment and also the Passengers’ account safety. Multiple interfaces like DI / DO could trigger the alarm / alerts to the monitoring center in case of any emergency. Like sending out the fire alarm triggered by DI / DO if any fires onboard.