Distribution Automation System
  • Date:2019-01-24 14:51


More and more household appliances step into our daily life and this make us consume more energies every day, of course, the Electricity Company is suffering the same headache since they need to delivery more reliable and pure Electricity into every house. So if you see around when you’re driving on the highway, you would somehow see the Electricity Plants locating in some rural areas or some places that be away from crowed people living areas. Among those Electricity Plants, they need to have lots of advanced machines like Switchgear etc in order to make the whole Electricity Network work normally and continually, so how to get all these Machines well connected and organized would be a big challenge for the Electricity Companies.

Project Technical Highlights

- Need to have a completely industrial design router that could be installed in the Distribution Automation Plants.

- All the routers must be approved to be trustable and reliable before the installation,
  with high EMC Level and possess a strong capacity to prevent from Electric Shocking

- The router should have abundant interfaces including RS232, RS485, Ethernet Ports
  in order to get all the equipment connected in the Electric Plants.

- The routers should be 3G HSPA+ and be able to connect the Electrical Plants and the Monitoring Center without link failure.



NR500-S3G is a fully industrial design cellular router and be able to meet the application’s requirement. Its high EMC level design including static attack prevention makes sure that the router is capable to work under such environment. Abundant interfaces / parameters make sure all the equipment on the Electrical plants could be well connected and transfer the data back to monitoring center without package lost. Customer is happy about its performance and we’re proud to be selected for this kind of high end applications.