Smart Irrigation System
  • Date:2018-12-19 16:15


In order to improve the efficiency of the Agriculture Irrigation Technologies, more and more intelligent equipment are implemented and installed inside this ecosystem. The most idea is to collect the data from different parts of the farmland and then come out with the plan for the irrigation in order to improve the harvest of different kinds of crops. Also, need to observe the status of the farmland in order to leverage the quantities of the fertilizer in the most suitable level. Especially in some Agriculture Countries, the Smart Irrigation System had become the hottest topic in every first page of the Technical Channels.


Projects Technical Highlights

- The Router should be connected to different kinds of sensors / monitoring controller via RS485 / Ethernet Ports.

- The router should be able to work under high humidity and wide temperature range like -10 to 50 degree

- Must have sealed interfaces because there’s some small insects on the farmland and very easy to
  get into the router and damage the mainboard.

- Must have a reliable 3G connection because it would be costly if need to send Engineers to be onsite
  for troubleshooting after the installation.


NR500-S3G is selected for this kind of application and we’re very glad to contribute as more as possible for the brilliant human projects. NR500-S3G with 1 RS232 + 1 RS485 + 2 DI + 2 DO provide an abundant interfaces for all the sensors and controllers, and then collect and send the data back to monitoring center via 3G, Dual backup. All the data appear in SCADA center provide the engineers or third-party service company and better idea how to improve the efficiency of the irrigation. After setting up the whole system, the crops production seems to be higher than ever before, this is really a big revolution of the human beings.