Industrial Automation

Package Machines Remote Monitoring
  • Date:2019-01-24 15:19


With the development of our living conditions, lots of things need to be packed well in order to keep they fresh or well protected. Like when you go to shopping mall, there’re lots of prepacked vegetables and fruits, especially they’re pre-weight and be well packed in the targeted location. These industries had lead a huge demand for different kinds of package machines and get them well organized, a complete processing line is composed of PLC, sensors, SCADA system, and furthermore, lifting station control and SCADA communication turn out to be a challenge for many factories.


Projects Technical Highlights

- The routers should have abundant interfaces including RS232 + RS485 + Ethernet Ports in order to
  get all the equipment on the machines well connected and organized.

- The router should be 4G LTE in order to avoid too much delay during the application
  because you need to know that you might miss tens of package within 2 seconds.

- The router should be Dual SIM design and all the user to insert two SIM Cards by using two Operators’ services,
  because the signal coverage is incomplete.

- The router should support multiple data encryption Tunnels in order to secure the data transmission.

- The router should be 100% industrial design that has extremely strong capability to bear the vibration
  and shacking during the production process.

- The router shoud have a wide power input range that comply with the whole system.



NavigateWorx NR500-P4G is selected for this application and its fully industrial design makes sure that all the data are transferred within a safe and stable secure Tunnel. Dual SIM design all the customers to use two operators’ services and the router would swift to another SIM Card automatically in case of any failure on current network link. More importantly, our abundant interfaces all users to get all the equipment well connected so that they don’t need to use an extra simple fast Ethernet switches, that’s more cost effective solution for the applications.