Digital Signage
  • Date:2019-01-24 15:02


Digital Signage / Media System are becoming more and more popular in our daily life. Because its effectiveness and easy to be deployed in different people crowed location, Advertisement Service Provider had chosen it instead of TV advertisement quite a lot because Advertisement Operator don’t need to invest lots of money into TV Video with harvesting enough people attention. So hereby comes the questions: How to upgrade the advertisement contents / video remotely?


Project Technical Highlights

- Remote Advertisement upgraded wirelessly.

- High speed Advertisement Video transmission without failure and delay.

- Flexible installation and video upgrade without fixed line installation.

- Unlike USB Dongle or commercial grade routers, it must be able to work under high temperature,
  strong humidity, vibration etc harsh environment.

- Industrial and compact design that allowed to be installed in complex Digital Signage Equipment.

- Secure data transmission via encryption tunnel, Firewall.



NR500-S4G was selected by the Advertisement Service Provider Company and they invest the whole Digital Signage System. They mainly promote a Beverage Brand throughout this Digital Signage and they get well paid by the Beverage Company, of course, the Beverage Brand becomes popular with all the effort they had done on the Digital Signage Advertisement. They periodically upgrade the video through the Digital Signage base on the 4G LTE connection provided by NavigateWorx NR500-S4G. Up to now, they had deployed hundreds of units and the have the 500 PCS installation plan for the next City.